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"Sen. Mike Thorne" stands at a podium with a lamp on it and speaks into a microphone during a dinner in honor of his visit to the school.
"Religious Emphasis Week" A guest speaker gives a speech at a podium in front of a brick fireplace. His audience is there to hear him talk during Religious Emphasis week.
EOC President Frank B. Bennett and his wife, Mrs. Bennett are sitting on metal folding chairs at a card table in the common room of Hunt Hall. Several other couples are also seated nearby. [PROOF on front of photo.]
"12/1991" Twenty images taken during an awards honoring several people associated with the Army National Guard. .001 - Caldwell (left). .002-.003 - Caldwell (4th in from the left). .006 - Jack Johnson (seated, in profile). .007-.008 - Caldwell…
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" Foreground from left to right: Jean Neely (2nd, in profile), Peggy Anderson (3rd, in profile), LaVelle Boyer-Cornwell (4th, in profile). Background: Weldon "Bud" Lewis.
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet"
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet"
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" - seven images .011 - From left to right: Peggy Anderson (in profile), Archie C. Dunsmoor, Dave Gilbert, Weldon "Bud" Lewis. .012-.013 - Archie C. Dunsmoor (left), Weldon "Bud" Lewis (right). .015 -…
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" - two images .008 - Dave Gilbert (left, in profile), Craig Woodward (right). .009 - Peggy Anderson (left), Craig Woodward (right).
"10/12/1991 - Alumni & Hall of Fame Banquet" Athletic Hall of Fame award: Craig Woodward, wrestling (right).
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