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"Shows Paratrooper leaving plane (taken from inside of plane) over building skeletons" "Bombed out buildings on Corregidor - Not sharp, from Lantern slide supplied by Bob Flynn, 503rd historian - Shows a paratrooper leaving the airplane. Signal Corps…
"6 views of Japanese air craft and hanger ruins at Clark Field, North of Manila" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hangar Wreckage. During the Battle of Manila, Allied planes bombed and strafed all Japanese airfields in the area. Hill saved this photo by…
"Quezon Bridge down - by Post office Building - as seen from North side of Pasig River" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Pasig River and Manila Main Post Office. Destroyed by the retreating Japanese, Rizal Avenue Bridge slants into the Pasig River. Taken by…
"Ground level Photo. Damaged City Buildings - South of Pasig River. Manila Bay in greater distance. Oro Theare and next block over" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Dueling Artillery Damage. On February 1, the Allies began the attack on Manila. Eventually,…
"Ground level Photos of Manila destruction - Mooring dock area on Pasig River"
"Ground level Photo - Post office across Pasig River - Jones Bridge before repair"
Heavily damaged buildings in Manila.
Damaged church building in Manila.
Heavily damaged buildings in Manila.
Heavily damaged buildings and a pile of destroyed cars along a street in Manila.
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