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"May 1978 - Administrators: Left to right, standing: Harvey Bennett, Dave Gilbert, Rodney Briggs, Gerald [Jerry] Young, Doug Treadway. Sitting: Jim Lundy, Mary Jane Loso, Mary Davison, "
"9/1985 - Dean William (Bill) Wells' Birthday Party"

Saichi Oba.
"9/1986" A series of images of administration, faculty, and staff socializing at an employees' reception.

From left to right: Dave Gilbert (3rd), Jerry Young (5th, in profile).
"9/1986" A series of images taken during an employees' party at the start of a new school year.

From left to right: Art Greer (2nd), Jeff Vermeer (3rd), John Blanchard (4th).
"12/1986" A series of images taken during an employees' party.

Carolyn Gilbert (left end, in profile).
"3/1987" Three images taken during a recruitment function where administration and faculty are introduced to parents and potential students.

Seated from left to right: Peggy Anderson, Jens Robinson, Chris Tamarin.
"4/1987 - Staff" An image of three employees talking with each other in one of the campus hallways. From left to right: Jens Robinson, Jerry McCarthy, Greg Monahan.
"4/1987 - Scholarship Winners"

From left to right: Jim Hottois (1st), Jens Robinson [Dean of Education] (4th, behind winners).
"10/1987" Nineteen images of a meeting with a member of the State Board of Education where papers are discussed and then signed.

Clockwise around table starting at 6:00: Lee Insko (2nd, in profile), Jim Hottois (5th).
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