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"June 1988 - Graduation"

Pat Duffey (left), Howard Bailey (right, in profile).
"1988 - [Kelly] Yenser" - five images
"11/26/1991 - Foundation Board Meeting" - ten images 91003 .003 - From closest to furthest: Front row: Jim Lundy (1st, in profile), Doc Savage (3rd, in profile), Sally Wiens (4th, in profile). 2nd row: [Appears to be:] Neva Neill (in profile), Mary…
"11/26/1991 - Foundation Board Meeting" Six images of Foundation Board members and Administration socializing and having refreshments after the meeting. 91003 .001 - Dick Stenard (left edge, in profile, partial), Dave Gilbert (right, in profile).…
"9/8/1990 - Alumni Football Game" - two images .021 - From right to left: Dave Gilbert (1st), Dick Stenard (2nd, in profile).
"May 1978 - Administrators: Left to right, standing: Harvey Bennett, Dave Gilbert, Rodney Briggs, Gerald [Jerry] Young, Doug Treadway. Sitting: Jim Lundy, Mary Jane Loso, Mary Davison, "
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