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"1983 Springfest" Twelve images of Micronesian students performing native dances at the Spring Festival & Ice Cream Social. xx321 .005 - Mike Daugherty (right side corner, back to camera).
Four images of dancers dressed in Germanic costumes and folk dancing for an audience at the Spring Festival & Ice Cream Social.
Two images of couples crouching through the archway formed by other couples holding hands overhead.
Six images of a band playing a concert while a young woman dances in front of the stage.
Twenty-one images of scenes from "Oh Dad, Poor Dad." The young woman in the long, black gown has been identified as "Bailey."
Twenty-six images taken during the Native American Root Feast and Powwow held in Hoke Hall. This set includes the costuming / regalia worn, dancing, drumming, audience members, and families.
Twenty-seven images from the production of "Fiddler on the Roof."
"1972 - Fall term - Registration Dance" - eight images [Two names were listed with this picture series: "Olson" and "Cusio." However, there was nothing to indicate what or whom they refer to. Also, in .019, the beginning of what appears to be theā€¦
"1972 - Fall term dance - Rock Creek" Fifteen images of the band, "Rock Creek" playing in Quinn Coliseum. .014-.015 - "Rogers, Cook, Me, Appa."
"5/1991 - Island Magic: Evening in Paradise" - twelve images
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