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"Aerial shot of Baguio area Luzon. Japanese settlement - one building with hospital Red Cross on roof"
"Red Cross girl Dottie Lou Lovell Musical entertainer - often joined by Military musicians here."
"3 day Pass to St. Augustine Florida - 1943"
"Red Cross girls serving coffee & cookies - at a stand accessible to any, primarily to air crews returning from missions" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Support the Red Cross. From Milne Bay onward, Hill praised the Red Cross for their overseas 'Camp…
"Fred Hill and members of 49th Fighter's and Clara Cohen - Red Cross - on a ride inland Mindoro by a Jap Bomber that had been destroyed by Filipino Guerillas. Charles Ehrman - 49th Fighter, Fred Hill - 17th Recon, Clara Cohen - American Red Cross,…
"Copy of the first view of New Guinea as the SS Gen John Pope arrived" From "Darkroom Soldier": "The Wharf of Milne Bay, November 4, 1943. Here, in August, 1942, an attack by Japanese naval forces had been repulsed by Australian infantry defending…
"A picnic - a cook from the 49th Fighter, a Red Cross girl (Clara Cohen), Fred Hill and Cpl Ehrman - coffee percolator, a sheet cake" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Picnic in Peace. Left to right: unidentified soldier
"Red Cross facilities - [one of] 2 images"
"Red Cross facilities -[one of] 2 images." On sign over pathway: "American Red Cross Recreation Hall"
A two-man, make-shift bicycle is one of the vehicles in a parade making its way down the street next to Dorion Hall. Many of the residents are sitting on the ledges of the building to watch.
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