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"41st Division - E Co. 186 Inf. - Show Off! Cpl Bill Hawes holding all the weapons from his tent - 5 Brownings and 3 Colt Automatics"
"41st Division 1941 - Recreation: card game Cpl Bill Hawes - 4th Squad (Mortar) leader - Gail Mills on right - in barracks at 41st Cantonment area"
"41st Division 1941 - Pertaining to the new 41st Cantonment area - N. Ft. Lewis - Cpl Lyle Morehead"
"I.D. Photos of 17th Recon Sqdn Photo Section (then) Cpl Fred Hill"
"Cpl Bill Wilding - Transportation Dept - eating from mess kit on fender of truck aboard ship"
"Fun jam session at 49th Fighter's Red Cross - entertainer at pump organ - Bill Cox on Sax - Bass fiddle at right. Center low, is Cpl Ehrman"
"The 17th Photo Section staff - 20 men pictured plus 2 more. 22 man crew as of July 20 '45. 2 men - Ed Coit - Sgt Lab Tech. Albert Gertz - Cpl Chemical Maintenance - were rotated home with 110 points June 15, 1945" "L to R: Clarence Richards, Cpl Lab
"En Route back to Fort Lewis - Camped at Swan Island, Portland OR (Equipment Inspection - Pup tents etc) Cpl Bill Hawes - Mortar Sqd"
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