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The Moss house on lower Cove Mkt. Road - 1899"

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"Union County Fair display - Cove, Oregon cherries" "Cove Cherry Fair - circa 1912" [Almost identical to 2010.15.02041]
"Train from Union to Cove - circa 1910" [Photograph used in "Supplement to History of Union County, No. 6" (page 62).]
"Cove / Union Train at Union"
"Summerville, Oregon from the north end across a creek, circa 1910. Summerville Electric Flume - Klees. J.L. McKinnis Planing Mill. Old Fort site in background."
"Eden S.S. [Sunday School?] 1911-12"
"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1912. Shows the intersection in front of the Cove Mercantile Co."
"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1910 - D. [Dunham] Wright Hotel pointed out on print. [Dunham Wright owned the hotel, which was also called the Cove Hotel.] Confectionery / Bakery located across the street from the hotel."
"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1900" Cove Hotel in picture.

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The toilets in an outdoor restroom.
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