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"Winters" This is a studio portrait of Dorothy Winters wearing a dark colored, blazer over a white, collared blouse with a tied bow at the neckline. She is also wearing horn rimmed, eyeglasses.
"1990" An image of Alan Davis with his family at the Loso Hall Dedication.
"November 1990 - Alan Davis" - two images
"1989" Eleven images of admissions personnel, administration, and ambassadors helping students during campus orientation 89068 .001 - Nancy Youlden (right, in profile). .002 - Pat North (2nd in from left, in profile). .003 - Pat North (left end).…
"1989" Two images of Alan Davis (left) and Mike Daugherty (right) talking outdoors on campus.
"1989" Five images of Admission Recruiters, Holly Kerfoot and Saichi Oba.
"1988" An image of Alan Davis outdoors with his family. They appear to be saying goodbye.
"6/1987 - Faculty / Staff" An image of Alan Davis (left) talking with a woman who appears to be Pat North, Director of Advising.

"4/1987 - Staff" Two images of Alan Davis, Counselor.
"4/1987 - Staff" Two images of Alan Davis, Counselor.
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