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"6/4/1976 - Graduation night - 7a.m.-8p.m."
The administration, faculty, and distinguished alumni form a processional as they leave the preparation area in Pierce Library and walk to the graduation area on the grass lawn in front of Inlow Hall. Theā€¦
"6/1976 - Dorothy Winters retirement reception"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: Elda Waite (4th).
"December 1977 - Sue Schmedinghoff, Counselor (1977-80)" In the Special Services / Career Center, Sue Schmedinghoff demonstrates how to use a telephone with an attached keyboard designed for the hearing impaired.
"February 1977"
Counselor, Sue Schmedinghoff (front group, left, in profile) meets with two young women in a lounge-type area.
"September 1978 - New Faculty - Andrew [Andy] Schob, Special Services Counselor (1978-83)"
"October 14, 1978 - Mountie Homecoming vs. Eastern Washington (40-0)"
EOSC Counselor Sue Schmedinghoff and her young son watch the game.
"December 1978 - Sue Schmedinghoff with Headstart personnel and parents"
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