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"POLICY PLANNING COMMITTEE Northwest Regional C.P.E.A. (Cooperative Projects in Educational Administration) Seated: left to right Ernest L. Muzzall, Director of Instruction, Central Wash. College of Education, Ellensburg, Washington. C. Ward Macy,…
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
A Cooperative Education student works directly with large-scale maps.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed"
Children assemble their own snacks.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Three Cooperative Education students work together in an office.
"February 1979 - Co-op Ed Students"
Cooperative Education students have the opportunity to work in aspects of graphic design.
"December 1979"
An employee working in the Co-op Education office.
"2/1987 - Campus" Nine images of the Student Development Center. Various offices and services in this area include: The Career Center, Cooperative Education, Counseling, Employment and Placement services, the Native American Program, Special…
"1989" Four images of employees posing with their ribbon winning, office door, snowman decoration. .005 & .013 - Betty Bohnenkamp (2nd in from the left), Janet Millay (right end). .006 & .008 - Betty Bohnenkamp (left end), Janet Millay (right end).…
Nine images of the "Mt. Emily Co-op - Staple Foods in Bulk - Est. 1973 - Non-profit org." Seven of the pictures show the interior with people shopping the bins and cashing out their purchases, and the other two pictures are of the entrance.

"December 1979"
Annette Smith working in the Co-op Education office.
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