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Two cowboys work as a pair in order to rope a running steer. In the background, sponsorship billboards for "Burgess Fashion Corner," "Connie's, Inc.," and "Tri-Mountain Realty" hang on the fence.
"May 19, 1979 - College Rodeo"
A cowboy wrestles a steer to the ground. In the background sponsorship billboards for "Tri-Mountain Realty," "La Grande Livestock Commission Company," "Bridles-n-Britches," and "Burgess" hang on the fence.
"10/1982 - October Folk Festival"

Group in right side foreground: Mike Daugherty (left, in profile), Jim Lundy (middle, back to camera).

"10/1982 - October Folk Festival"

John Jambura (1st table, suit coat and necktie).

"10/1982 - October Folk Festival"

Yvonne Tagge (bottom middle of image, squatting, back to camera).
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