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"1977 - Community Service - [Left to right:] Barbara Winne, Dan Robertson, Thelma Huffsmith"
The students are working together on the patio area at the top of the Grand Staircase behind Inlow Hall, and the image was taken through the patio's…
"March 1979 - Bill Mullins, Community Service Coordinator (1975-79)"
"5/18/1981" In a gathering area next to the bull pens, a cowboy who is about to take his turn riding for "Treasure Valley," gets encouragement from another cowboy.
"1989" Wearing a t-shirt with "TVCC" on it, a young man sits on the white sculpture outside of Zabel Hall.
"September 19, 1975"
Active members of the Community Service program, both unidentified.
"October 1976 - Bill Mullins" Community Service Coordinator
"1989" An image of a young man sitting on the white sculpture outside of Zabel Hall. Hunt Hall is partially visible in the background.
Two images of a running race taken during a track meet at EOSC. In this event, Eastern is competing against two other Oregon colleges: Blue Mt., located in Pendleton, and Treasure Valley, located in Ontario.
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