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"1988 - Basketball" Three images taken during a basketball game against Whitman College.

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"Mrs. Hall's Studio [became Hart Studio] - east of City Hall in Elgin, Oregon - about 1915. Women in front are: Mrs. Lottie Hall, Mrs. Annie Johns, Nancy (Lewis? Ben Willis' sister), Lola (Bible?) Stelham. Boy may be Myron Hall." Advertising on the…

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"Harper College starting back row left to right: 1. Verty Woods (or Tuttle) 2. Jim Woodell 3. Bill Wade 4. George James 5. Anna Choate 6. Ed Sanders 7. Anna McKenzie 8. Elmo Sanders 9. Thilbert Choate 10. Unidentified 11. Unidentified 12. Aletha…

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"October 1980" Coach Gary Feasel fires off a starter's pistol as young women stand poised along the starting line to take off. The competition pits cross country team members from EOSC against their counterparts at North Powder and Whitman.

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"September 10-11, 1976 - Grande Ronde Mini College" The instructor for a food preparation class that is being held in the Hoke Hall kitchen, appears to be Professor Ralph Lewis. He is wearing a checkered chef's hat, a white apron, and a dark bowtie.

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"12/1985 - Jack Schut, Director College Relations" Jack Schut socializes with the elderly people who are being served a holiday dinner in Hoke Hall.

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"9/1986 - Jack Schut, Director of College Relations (right), Greg Monahan (left)"

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"Jack Schut, Director of College Relations" Wearing a dark colored blazer, white dress shirt, and red necktie, Jack Schut pours soda for several students in the dining hall.

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"December 4, 1982 - Russ Picton, U of O Foundation at EOSC (right)

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"Paul R. Couey, Director of College Relations (1975-77)"

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