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"1846. [Judging by the condition of the photograph and the structure of the mill and surrounding buildings, this appears to be a photograph identification #, not a year reference.] Algoma Lumber Co. mill near Algoma, Ore."
"Cove, Oregon street scene - circa 1912. Shows the intersection in front of the Cove Mercantile Co."
"Cherry Fair - circa 1917 - Cove, Oregon. A posed group consisting of six men, eleven women, and one baby. The men are holding musical instruments, and 'S.A.CO.' [Salvation Army Company?] is written on their hats."
"Paint Co. sign on side of grave at Binmaley"
"Log drive on the Grande Ronde River above Perry, Grande Ronde Lumber Company Dam - near La Grande, Oregon - circa 1905."
"Cracker Summit Group of Mines [Bourne, Oregon] - circa 1901-1903. Shows the locations of 'Mining claims of the Cracker Eagle Gold Mining Co.' These include: The Mother Lode, North Star, Telegraph, War Eagle and the Cracker Oregon Gold Mill and…
"Fremont Power Co.'s Plant - Grant County - circa 1901-1903"
"American Smelting and Refining Co. check no. 2345. 'Pay to the order of Friday Gold Mining Co., Limited' in the amount of $670.22. Signed by J.M. Bidwell, assist. manager of the Murray Plant in Salt Lake City, Utah - Sept. 2, 1904."
"Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins Smith" Marriage announcement, newspaper clipping attached to the back of the photograph reads: "Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Hubert B. Smith and Mrs. Katherine L. Robbins at The Dalles, [Oregon] May 12,…
"O.O. Kincaid - La Grande, Oregon - circa 1900 - Bookkeeper for La Grande National Bank and Secretary for La Grande B. & L. Assn."
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