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"Members of the La Grande Athletic Club, representing their club at the Multnomah Athletic Meet in Portland, 1892 - Bill Bray, Jack Peare and Doc Lincoln"

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"La Grande High School Football Team posing in front of the La Grande Commercial Club - circa 1912"

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"Parade of ox drawn covered wagons - La Grande, Oregon" [Have additional 5x7 photograph with short, typed, story:] "May 27, 1939 - La Grand Reverts to Pioneer Days! La Grande went back in years today to the roaring days of '69, with businessmen and…

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Cars are parked parallel along the street in front of the U.S. Post Office in Elgin, OR.

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Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Quezon Bridge 2. Ice Plant 3. Post Office Bldg 4. City Hall 5. Legislative Bldg 6. Finance Bldg 7. Spanish Club 8. Crystal Archade 9. Old Police Station"

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Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. City Hall 2. Spanish Club 3. Crystal Archade 4. E Shaped building complex 5. twin steeple church"

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"Cite of the Tsubaki Club - An information gathering point operated by Claire Phillips. This picture was used in the book 'Ghost Soldiers.' The story of the 9th Ranger battalion which rescued the remnant of the Bataan Death March survivors." From…

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"Bomb destroyed area by the Tsubaki Club"

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"Claire Phillips (High Pockets) operator of the Tsubaki Club - Espionage par excellent. Author of 'Manila Espionage' Binfords & Mort 1947" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Our Beautiful Spy. Claire Phillips operated the Tsubaki Club in Manila, a secret…

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"10/1989" An image of students showcasing their singing and dancing talents at the "Club Coca-Cola."

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