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"Music Camp" Three young women sit together on a bench outside of Inlow Hall. Two of them are playing clarinets, and they have a music stand in front of them with open music sheets on it. The girls appear to be younger than college age. In the…
"Christmas Formal" Wearing a dark colored tuxedo and bowtie, EOCE President, Roben J. Maaske dances with an unidentified woman at the Christmas Formal. The dance band is visible at the left.
"October 14, 1978 - October Festival - Bavarian Tent"
Professor Jim Robertson plays in the folk music band at the festival.
"November 19, 1978 - Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra"
Jim Robertson conducts the musicians through a rehearsal. Playing violins, Robert Groth is located in the direct center of the image, and Florence Miller is the first woman seated on his left.
"October 1980 - Symphony Orchestra" A series of images of the orchestra practicing. From left to right: Spear (french horn), James [Buddy] Mills (clarinet), Professor Bob Klak (clarinet).
"5/28/1981" Eight images taken during a concert where Professor Robert Groth played his violin and Professor Bob Klak played his clarinet. They are both dressed in tuxedoes, and Klak takes the opportunity to announce Groth's birthday on stage.…
"11/10/1981" Twenty-one images of the symphony orchestra rehearsing with music professor, John Cobb conducting.

John Cobb (standing), Robert Groth (right edge).
"1989" An image of a young woman sitting on one of the ornate cement benches while practicing the clarinet.
"1972 Ambassadors" - seven images
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