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"Aerial shot of Baguio Luzon - the 'summer capital' of the Philippines"

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Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Quezon Bridge 2. Ice Plant 3. Post Office Bldg 4. City Hall 5. Legislative Bldg 6. Finance Bldg 7. Spanish Club 8. Crystal Archade 9. Old Police Station"

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"From way out in the Bay - Waterfront south of mouth of Pasig River. Intramuros and legislative buildings in background - City Hall - Post Office - Jones Bridge etc" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. City Hall 2. Post Office 3. Jones…

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Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. City Hall 2. Spanish Club 3. Crystal Archade 4. E Shaped building complex 5. twin steeple church"

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"South of City Hall complex - Big E shaped building has many Army squad tents in yard - Twin tower church"

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"North side of Pasig river plus Ships in the Bay" Map on glassine sleeve which coordinates with: "1. Manila Hotel 2. Post Office 3. City Hall 4. Avenue Hotel 5. Avenue Theatre 6. Central Hotel"

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"Frank P. Childers - Chief of Police, wearing a law enforcement uniform. With wife, Mary, and one daughter - circa 1900. La Grande, Oregon pioneer."

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"Frank P. Childers, August 5, 1858 - February 27, 1915. Wearing City Marshall uniform in portrait, circa late 1890's. Came to Grande Ronde Valley with his parents in 1865, at age of seven. City Marshall from circa 1895-1900, also Deputy Marshall and…

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"City Brewery on Jefferson Avenue. Sign reads: 'Beer 5[cents].'"

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"La Grande, 1887. Looking north on 4th Street from the brow of a hill. Mt. Emily is in the background. The Episcopal Church in the center foreground had just been moved from Old Town, La Grande. The flagpole behind the church is on City Hall which…

Position: 2890 (2 views)

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