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"1954-55 Christmas Formal (?)" Couples dance among sparse, Christmas decorations.
"12/1987 - Christmas - Thomas Easley [2nd in from right], Computer Center" Jerry McCarthy (right end, in profile).
"12/1986" Paula Little (left) and Toni Raymond (right, dressed as a Christmas Elf) walk down one of the campus hallways together. The Christmas Elf has been delivering goodies to faculty members in the building.
"1952-53 Faculty Xmas Party" Faculty members mingle during a Christmas Party, and a decorated Christmas tree is in the background.
"1952-53 - Faculty Xmas Party" Wearing a dark colored dress and eyeglasses, a woman who appears to be Amanda Zabel, is standing with an open book in her hand.
"Mrs. Bennett" Wearing a dark colored skirt, and a light colored sweater with a lighter colored blouse underneath, Mrs. Bennett is seated in a metal folding chair. She is holding a wrapped present on her lap, and she is clearly enjoying herself.
"December 1979 - Ted Williams at Ackerman Christmas Program"
"EOC Christmas Oratorio" A man and three women, all wearing choir robes, perform in the Christmas Oratorio. All four are using sheet music, and the woman in front is seated at an organ.
"12/1987 - Christmas" A young woman sits on Santa's lap and whispers in his ear.
"Dignitaries visiting EOC" EOC president, Frank B. Bennett shakes hands with an unidentified woman, and two other men round out the three visiting dignitaries. It appears to be Christmas time as there are holiday decorations up.
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