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"Presbyterian Mission in Umatilla - Christmas 1900"
"'Indian Presbyterian Church' Umatilla Reservation - Christmas 1903"
"Mr. and Mrs. Marion Davis and daughter, [Elinor] of Union, Oregon - December 1904 - Real estate man." Written on postcard addressed to "Mrs. J.E. Bell of Union: We have brought you greetings for a 'Merry Xmas' and a 'Happy New Year' 1904-1905"
"Christmas turkey - Dulag 1944" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hill photographed Army cooks carving the traditional bird on November 24 -- one day early. In a letter, he praised the meal: 'We did have turkey! Real, fresh, roasted turkey! I got about half…
"Cooks cutting turkey - Christmas 1944 at Dulag"
"Christmas at Sue Williamson's across Cove Ave. from Huffman's, 1938 seated - Sue standing- daughter-in-law, Mrs. Tom Williamson (Helena) little girl is Marjorie Hill, granddaughter of Sue's sister, Ann Huffman Ann Huffman and Susan (Sue) Williamson…
"5 members - Photo section A toast Martin / Barret / Countryman / Risdon and Reimer"
"Allan Countryman and Van Reimer demonstrate Christmas Beer issue at Christmas time - Dulag Leyte. There were some of us who did not drink beer - Fred Hill"
"Dignitaries visiting EOC" EOC president, Frank B. Bennett shakes hands with an unidentified woman, and two other men round out the three visiting dignitaries. It appears to be Christmas time as there are holiday decorations up.
"EOC Christmas Oratorio" A man and three women, all wearing choir robes, perform in the Christmas Oratorio. All four are using sheet music, and the woman in front is seated at an organ.
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