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A thatch hut in a local Dobodura village. "These negatives are not for section use - Sgt. Casey"
"This widely copied picture is of a New Guinea mother known as 'Maude.' It is rumored that women nursed pigs frequently. Pigs were very valuable assets. To squat by a fire, she could flip the long breast over her shoulder."
"A local native chief - One of the native chiefs at a big 'Sing Sing' celebration in the Dobodura area of New Guinea." "heat damaged from enlarger that we had at Dobodura Don't know what became of the 5x7 'Solar' enlarger - was not at Finch."…
"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item"
"Copy negatives of New Guinea native Women - bare breasted" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Three Coastal Women. Among all New Guinea tribes, tropical heat and humidity required partial nudity in order for anyone to be comfortable. Traditionally, women…
"Local native man using an adze tool shaping a wood item - from a color slide original" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Hill frequently documented Papuan tribesmen performing activities which he admired, but due to language and cultural restraints, he…
"Sgt Bob Casey and young Native Boy"
"5 native children, some naked at the Village above the Taro garden at Finchhaffen" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Village Children. As Hill wrote to Martha, the Papuan 'women stepped back in the shadows of their huts when they saw us, but the little kids…
"Native village children with bows & arrows"
"Dutch New Guinea women waiting while men dance to celebrate the birthday of Netherlands Queen Wilamina"
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