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"circa 1930's - Jack Peare, former Fire Chief, and others pulling a Hose Cart" down a street with automobiles parked along it.
"Frank P. Childers - Chief of Police, wearing a law enforcement uniform. With wife, Mary, and one daughter - circa 1900. La Grande, Oregon pioneer."
"La Grande Fire Department - article originally printed circa 1900 - Photocopy of an article with photographs of Fire Chief Jack H. Peare and fire department members in front of the fire station using a fire hose." Subtitles read: "Equipment,…
"Chief Joseph's widow, To-Ka-Ma-Po" She looks very old here. She is using a walking stick, but amazingly, she has a large bundle of sticks for fire kindling on her back.
The plaque on this rock memorial reads, "To the memory of Chief Old Joseph, died 1876"

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"October 1980 - Phi Beta Lambda" A series of images of nine members of the business focused, Phi Beta Lambda society.
"A native 'head man' with septer of Authority - Bird beak head dress and abalone shell upper lip" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Jauwa Chief. The spiked headdress was made of birds' beaks and the war club was a scepter of authority. The abalone shell was…
"Van Reimer - Chief film processor of 17th Tactical Recon Sqdn Photo Section"
"T/Sgt Charles Orlando with Dick Baxter's pet monkey 'Jocko' - Orlando was 17th Tact. Recon Sqdn Photo Section Chief - replacing M/Sgt Ramon J. Walsch"
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