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"[William] 'Bud' Davis - New Chancellor" This is an informal portrait of "Bud" Davis wearing a suit blazer, dress shirt and necktie.
"November 1977 - Foundation annual meeting / banquet - Jeanette Baum"
"5/1985 - Chancellor visits" Twenty images of State Board of Higher Education members mingling with administration and faculty at a reception during the Board's visit to campus.
"5/1985 - Chancellor visits"

Standing: Dave Gilbert (left), Leen Inghels (right). Seated: Chancellor [William] "Bud" Davis (light colored suit jacket.
"2/1986" Nine images of a luncheon with Chancellor [William] "Bud" Davis, President Dave Gilbert, and members of the ASEOSC student body government.

Dave Gilbert (right).
"2/1986" Twelve images of a reception for Chancellor [William] "Bud" Davis, administration, and faculty.

From left to right: Bud Davis (1st, in profile), Dick Hermens (2nd).
"1989" Fourteen images taken during an ROTC Awards Ceremony. .010 - Lieutenant Commander Turbeville. .011 - Tom Bartlett (left), Dave Gilbert (right).
"1989" Thirteen images of a reception attended by employees and a guest visitor who appears to be Chancellor Tom Bartlett. .001 - Johannes Spronk (left), Tom Bartlett (right). .003 - Jens Robinson (middle). .004 - Tom Easley (left). .005 - Enno…
"1989" Four images of foreign students having lunch with a guest visitor who appears to be Chancellor Tom Bartlett. .016 - Kyoko Takeda (left end).
"1990" Twelve images of the honoree and special guests awaiting the start of the dedication of the building ceremony for the new Loso Hall. 90044 .001 - From left to right: Mary Jane Loso (back to camera), Tom Bartlett (mostly obscured by Loso),…
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