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"12/1987 - Christmas"

Betty Peck (right, in profile), Terral Schut (middle background, in profile).

"12/1987 - Christmas"

From left to right: Judd Koehn (in profile), Alan Davis (in profile), Dennis Swanger.

"12/1987 - Christmas"

Dixie Lund (left), Greg Monahan (right).

"12/1987 - Christmas - Thomas Easley [2nd in from right], Computer Center" Jerry McCarthy (right end, in profile).
"July 1988 - Paul Stoakes Retirement Party"
"June 1988 - Computer Lab" Three images of a man who appears to be Paul Stoakes.
"June 1988 - Wayne Larsen, Director - Small Business Development Center"
"1988" An image of an Oregon shaped award plaque being presented to employees in the Computer Center. From left right: Jack Schut (1st), Jim Hottois (2nd), Thomas Easley (3rd), Mary Zinter (4th), Howard Bailey (7th).
"12/1987 - Christmas"

Tom Easley (middle), Jerry McCarthy (right, in profile).
"1988" Nine images of a small employees' party in the basement of Pierce Library.
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