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"Above photo pictures La Grande's candidate for queen of the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, which is to be held in Union next week."
"6/12/1993 - OHSU Master of Nursing Candidates" Wearing their caps and gowns, graduates line up to receive their diplomas during the graduation ceremonies of 1993. There is a tent-like structure in the background.
"1964 Homecoming Queen Candidates: Queen Jo Lynn Gaston, Princess Karen Nelson, and Princess Bunny Sanders." The three young women sit in front of a brick wall. Princess Karen is holding a trophy.
"Jean Adamson, Queen Candidate IRC, Alumni" This is a portrait of Jean Adamson wearing a dark colored sweater with a round, white collar, and bejewelled eyeglasses.
"11/2/1966 - Homecoming. The initial eleven homecoming court candidates were: Seated: Deanie Traudt, Linda Johnson, Marilyn Scalese, Ginny Moore, Frances Enomoto. Standing: Denise Hughes, Connie Waites, Margaret Winget, Bev Ward, Jan Downs, and Sue…
"Pictured here are the three finalists for Eastern Oregon college homecoming queen honors. From left: Jean Ramos, junior from Echo
"1953 Homecoming Finalists, L to R: Marcia Belshaw, Clara Weigel, and Queen Grace Furyama" All three of the ladies are wearing skirts and short sleeved swearters. Queen Grace is wearing a dragon pendant on a chain around her neck.
"EOC Homecoming, from left: Princess Ellen Uesugi, Princess Adrienne Hansen, Queen Peggy Elder" The three young ladies sit together on a bench in front of a brick wall. All three are wearing dresses, and Princess Adrienne is holding the homecoming…
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