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"The campus - Eastern Oregon Normal School - 1936"

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Eastern Oregon College of Education's Inlow Hall. Cars are parked along both sides of the street next to the building.

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"EOCE total campus - Ackerman Training School - Administration Bldg. - Women's Residence Hall - La Grande, Ore."

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"EOCE Campus total by 1940 - Taken by Fred Hill with a 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Speed Graphic while on a Piper Cub flight by Oscar Knight"

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Dressed in cowboy attire, a man walks on the grass across campus. More students can be seen walking in the background.

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This photo was taken looking out at the campus from in front of Zabel Hall. The white sculpture is in the foreground, students walk on campus sidewalks, and Pierce Library is visible in the background. It appears as though someone is flying a kite.

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"Eastern Oregon College" This is an aerial view of the EOCE campus. Clockwise from left to right: Ackerman School, Inlow Hall, and Hunt Hall (Originally named Dorion). La Grande, Oregon and a beautiful view of Mt. Emily are visible in the background.

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View of Eastern Oregon College of Education's Inlow Hall and Ackerman Elementary School

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