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"145. 1940-49 - Eastern Oregon College buildings and grounds - La Grande, Oregon" This is a campus picture taken from a distance away. Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall (originally named Dorion), and Ackerman School are all clearly visible.
"40-49 EOCE, Ackerman Training School, Administration Bldg., Women's Residence Hall, La Grande, Ore." From left to right: Ackerman School, Inlow Hall, Hunt Hall (Originally named Dorion). The shadow of Mt. Emily is just visible in the right…
"Bldgs & Grounds 40-49" This is a 1940's era picture of the Eastern Oregon College campus, consisting of from left to right: Ackerman School, Inlow Hall, and Hunt Hall. (Originally Dorion Dormitory.) Scrubby fields make up the foreground, and Mt.…
"The campus - Eastern Oregon Normal School - 1936"
"EOCE total campus - Ackerman Training School - Administration Bldg. - Women's Residence Hall - La Grande, Ore."
"2/4/1982 - Campus clock installation" - seventeen images .012 - Zabel Hall (background). .018-.019 - Ackerman Elementary School (background).
"1949 Winter" Bundled up against the cold, a student makes his way down a snow-covered campus street towards Ackerman School. Automobiles are parked along the street.
"1949 Winter" One set of footprints pass through an otherwise unmarked section of snow near Inlow Hall. The decorative banister that used to run out from the side of the building is visible.
"1949 Winter" This is a picture taken at night of the west side steps near Inlow Hall. One of the lamp posts illuminates the snow which has almost completely covered a set of stairs.
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