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During the children's, summer science camp, a child holds out their hand to show the fuzzy caterpillar that is crawling on it.
"7/1986 - Science Camp, Dave Kerley" Biology professor, Dave Kerley talks with a group of kids during the 1986 Summer Science Camp.
"7/1978 - Football Clinic"
Those who have been identified are from left to right: Front row: Ken Bungent (13th). Middle row: Don Turner (1st). Back row: Bob Warsaw (7th), Marc Moberg (15th).
"7/1978 - Football Clinic"
Summer football camp for junior high and high school age boys. Coaches, Bob Warsaw (front left, in profile), and Marc Moberg (front right, back to camera) are running this portion of the camp.
"7/1978 - Football Clinic"
EOSC player, #10 demonstrates the correct form for kicking the ball.
An image taken in a classroom during the summer Music Camp in 1980.
A series of images taken during summer Wrestling Camp in 1980. EOSC students and coaches work with adolescent and teenage boys on improving their wrestling skills.
A boy sits at a computer playing a video game similar to Space Invaders. This appears to be one of the offerings of various summer camps that were held in 1980.
A series of images of a conductor leading a group of young people through playing their instruments together as a band during the summer Music Camp in 1980.
"1980 - Girls Gymnastics Camp" A series of images of young girls using a mini-trampoline to practice the lift and somersault that is necessary to perform the vault. A coach is on hand to spot them through the airtime.
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