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"En Route back to Fort Lewis - Camped at Swan Island, Portland OR (Equipment Inspection - Pup tents etc) Air cooled 30 cal machine gun"
"Bob Casey with Speed Graphic Camera" Allan Countryman looking on?
"Bob Casey with Speed Graphic Camera"
"Chuck Estes - 123rd Obsn. Sqdn Photo Lab - Gray Field - Ft Lewis - 1942"
"Jap Betty Bomber Crew being photographed by 2 photographers taken by Dick Baxter, the third photographer, on Ie Shima while Jap diplomats were in Manila - 17th Tact Recon Sqdn" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Mitsubishi and Crew. Under a hot noon sun,…
"Jap 'Betty' bomber on landing approach at Ie Shima" From "Darkroom Soldier": "First Betty Landing. Recalling this day, Hill wrote, 'While we were on Ie Shima, General MacArthur ordered that a contingent of Japanese diplomats go to Manila to make the…
"Hart Studio (not at Elgin)"
"Bob Casey (with camera) and Fred Hill out photographing - Ed Bernardo's back - on road to Vigan"
Several members of the Photo Section gather for a party. Bob Casey is holding a camera. "Hill - Photo Section - Salinas (CA) & Laurel (Mississippi) - Doc Speer, Tregea, etc."
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