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"Hall Bros. Store [G.F. Hall General Store] and Post Office, interior - Union, OR - circa 1890" [Numbers printed in ink on 2010.15.00359 photograph copy correspond to:] "1. Roscoe Benson (little boy), 2. G.F. Hall (Postmaster), 3. Abe Eaton, 4.…
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925 - Hug Bros. Store"
"Elgin Scenes 1920-1925" Storefronts in Elgin, Oregon, including the "Hug Bros. Store."
"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1913 Cock Brothers Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
"Fourth of July Celebration - La Grande, Oregon. A group of people pose in front of Ralston Furniture and Undertakers. The entrance for Williams Bros. Law Offices, which were on the second floor, is to the right." Identified in photograph: "1. Fan…
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