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"1953 - Commencement, Special breakfast for faculty and distinguished guests" This was a special breakfast held for faculty and distinguished guests at graduation time. President Frank B. Bennett is standing under a mirror at the middle of the center…
"June 1953 - Senior Breakfast - Reps from classes of 1929-1954" Posing together in four rows are men and women who attended the senior breakfast in June of 1953. They are made up of class members from 1929-1954.
"October 9, 1976 - Cowboy Breakfast - Ralph Smilde, Professor of Philosophy (1974-8?)"
"10/20/1981" EOSC President Rodney Briggs tries on a coat that he has just received at the 1981 Alumni Breakfast. The jacket appears to have been a gift from the Rodeo Club. Mrs. Briggs is seated next to him.
"1974 - Senior Breakfast" The Hoke Hall banquet room is filled to capacity for the Senior Breakfast. At the other end of the room in front of the windows, Harvey Bennett is standing up and speaking.
"1989 - Eastern Outdoor Program Open House"
"Oct. 9, 1976 - Cowboy Breakfast"
Howard Bailey cooks and serves for the Cowboy Breakfast held in Hoke Hall.
"October 1977"
Jim Lundy (left) and Howard Bailey (right) work as servers during the annual Cowboy Breakfast in Hoke Hall.
"September 1980" A series of images of alumni, football players, coaches, and EOSC faculty gathered in the cafeteria of Hoke Hall for breakfast and socializing.

Orval Goddard (standing).
"10/20/1981" A series of images of EOSC President Rodney Briggs receiving a gift, a Rodeo Club jacket, from the Rodeo Club during the Alumni Breakfast in Hoke Hall.

From left to right: Mrs. Briggs (2nd), Rodney Briggs (3rd).
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