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"6/22/1981 - Eastern Oregon Livestock Parade" - twenty-six images 81063 .006 - Sign reads: "Fair Fun in '81." .012 - Union High School (background). 81064 .006 - Union Feed & Grain (background). .007-.008 - Union Public Library (background).…
"Ackerman Lab School" Children are crowded around the check-out counter in the Ackerman Elementary Library as a boy wearing a cub scouting uniform and a girl work rapidly to get the books signed out.
"Good shot of an Army 6 x 6 truck being poled across the river by 8 men - between Vigan and Binmaley"
"Nephew of James Aubi of Ambulong - an Island I visited while others were fishing on the crash boat - Aubi rowed out to the crash boat to greet us and invited me to come ashore to take pictures"
"The Lynn E. Hill 1929 Ford with locally made 'trunk.' Trailer, also locally made from Model T Ford rear axle and wheels." Writing on negative reads: "Ray Ost - Navy - 1932" Perhaps, refers to boy in image.
"Ratchet wheels and shaft for Red Boy hoist plant. Transferred by sleds pulled by a 12-horse team from Sumpter, Oregon by S.T. Co. (Tom McEwen, Manager) - Jan. 5, 1901."
"Red Boy Mines and Mill - circa 1901-1903"
"Local boy on the back of his carabao - in the river. These beasts of burden need to cool off in water (or mud) several times a day - "
"Filipino boy leading a Carabao out of the river Luzon"
"Filipino craftsman building bamboo framework for Binmaley mess hall. A child is braiding palm leaf thatch"
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