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"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis American Lake - Fort Lewis 1941"
"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis Peck"
"186th Infantry - 41st Cantonment - North Fort Lewis Jay Gamble, E Co. 186 Inf."
"Dagupan - homes along the river and some boats anchored"
"Native home and outrigger in Harbor at Hollandia"
"Humbolt Bay Local Homes" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Native Homes, Humboldt Bay. Hill and two other Photo Section men persuaded an officer on the Russell Sage that they needed to document 'squadron history.' Accepting this ruse, the captain allowed…
"Native homes on stilts over water. Ship moving 17th Sqdn and others - to Biak - layed over several days at Hollandia. Fred Hill went ashore with Merch. Marine pig boat"
"Pig boat skipper, Fred Hill (center) wading behind boat at Hollandia warf area"
"Warf at Hollandia" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Waiting for the Pig Boat. On a Hollandia dock, Hill waits for the rest of the men to return to the 'Pig Boat' so they can all be ferried back to the Russell Sage." ("Darkroom Soldier" caption authored by…
"Warf at Hollandia"
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