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"1992 Homecoming Blue Mt. Barbershoppers" An all male singing group, calling themselves the Blue Mt. Barbershoppers stands in three rows on risers in front of microphones. They are all wearing football jerseys with "Eastern" on the sleeves. A man…
Numerous skiiers enjoy the sunshine at the beautiful Anthony Lakes ski resort in the Blue Mountains.
A farmer is photographed with his combine and industrial tiller in the Grand Ronde Valley.
A cattle pasture in the Grande Ronde Valley. It is enclosed by rock walls.
"July 1980" Three images taken in a forested area of the Blue Mountains in Oregon.
"2/3/1981" Ten images taken in a snow covered, forested area of the Blue Mountains in Oregon.
"2/3/1981" Four images of a young man, wearing clothes for cold weather and sturdy hiking boots, standing out in the snow in an area of the Blue Mountains in Oregon.
"2/3/1981" Three images taken in the skiing area: Two of the downhill course with flagpoles marking slalom points, and one of the ski lift, barely visible in the distance.
"2/3/1981" Six images of skiers enjoying some recreational skiing.
"6/7/1982" An image of scattered farms in the Grande Ronde Valley and the Blue Mountains in the background.
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