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"No. 1 Birdseye view, Culver, Or. Oct. 20 - 1915"
"No. 8 Birds eye view of Elgin after 1909 - before 1920 overhead steel bridge - street into town is 1 block north"
"Elgin - from 1916 circa post card - No. 9 Birds eye view of Elgin, Oregon from Clark's Creek road"
"No. 48 Birdseye View, Enterprise, Ore."
"No. 1 Birds Eye View, La Grande, Oregon 1920's"
"'Birds Eye View La Grande, Oregon (series 463.) - circa 1905.' Overview, looking northeast from observation height (ie: Table [Top] Mountain)."
"No. 4 Birdseye view of Wallowa, Ore. from Green Hill looking north - circa 1912." The two public schools are visible in the right side of the picture, just above the tree line. The large building on the left was the Wallowa High School and the light…
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