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"View of church bell tower through the destroyed roof of the church at Binmaley on the Lingayen Gulf. Choir loft bannister shows at bottom"

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"The Cathedral at Binmaley - Japanese were using it to store ammunition - It was shelled by US Navy ships in Lingayen Gulf"

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"The shelled Cathedral at Binmaley taken from Lingayen Gulf side. The Japanese had stored supplies in the structure - Navy ships shelled it."

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"Distant view, across the pond, of the Catholic Cathedral that was used by Japanese to store ammunition and was shelled by Navy guns on war ships in Lingayen Gulf."

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"New Orleans - Pass - 1943"

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This is a large building with a bell or lookout tower. It does not appear to be a church however. It looks more like an administration building, perhaps on the military base in Salinas, CA.

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"La Grande Churches"

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"Perhaps Catholic Church - way south on 4th Street, La Grande - era 1910+/-" There appears to be a second church a little further down the road (near the left edge of image).

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"La Grande Churches - First Baptist Church - 6th & Spring - 1930's"

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"La Grande Churches - Old First Baptist Church - 6th & Spring -1930's"

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