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"3/1988 - Baseball, EOSC vs. Central" - thirty-three images
"Baseball" - nine images .007-.008 - New Zabel Hall nearly completed in background.
Nine images from a Mounties baseball game.
Two images of a young man practicing his batting skills.
Six images of a soft-pitch baseball game played outdoors by Ackerman Elemenatry School children. xx273 .014 - Zabel Hall (background). .015 - Facilities (background, left side). .018 - Hunt Hall (background). xx277 .023 - Ackerman Elementary School…
Seven images taken during a women's softball game. .012 - Dianna Campbell (batting). .016-.017 - Dianna Campbell (pitching). .018 - EOSC players from left to right: Darlene Follett, Renee Henslee, Dianna Campbell. .020 - Quinn Coliseum (background).

"5/4/1981" Thirty-seven images taken during a baseball game between the EOSC Mounties and an opposing team.
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