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This baseball catcher, #10, appears to be walking towards the dugout where a young man is sitting on the cinderblock wall.
This "Eastern" baseball player, #22, has put everything into the throw he is about to make.
This Eastern "Mounties" baseball player is wearing a batting helmet and running the bases. The empty stadium is visible in the background.
This "Eastern" baseball player painfully slides into homeplate, and disturbs a lot of the surrounding dirt in the process. The opposing team catcher tries to get in close enough to tag the runner. The cinderblock dugout is visible in the background.
This Eastern Oregon baseball player attempts to tag an opposing "Raiders" team member as he slides for the base.
Wearing a dark colored uniform and a batting helmet, this runner tries very hard to avoid being tagged by the baseman.
The "Eastern" baseball pitcher has just released the ball, and the opposing team batter watches as it flies towards him. The catcher and umpire are crouched behind home plate, and the whole scene is viewed through a chain-link fence.
This "Eastern" baseball pitcher has just released the ball.
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
The opposing baseball team members sit on the cinderblock wall of the dugout and watch as Eastern Oregon is up to bat. In the background, the tops of Hoke Hall (left) and Zabel Hall (right) are visible.
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