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Nine images from a Mounties baseball game.
Two images of a young man practicing his batting skills.
"Week of April 12, 1976"
Wearing a baseball uniform, a player is hunched over in the outfield.
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
The opposing baseball team members sit on the cinderblock wall of the dugout and watch as Eastern Oregon is up to bat. In the background, the tops of Hoke Hall (left) and Zabel Hall (right) are visible.
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
Eastern baseball team members watch from the dugout as one of their teammates is up to bat.
"April 1978 - Mounties Baseball"
The Eastern baseball team catcher attempts to catch a fouled, pop fly at home plate.
"January 1978 - Baseball Team - Jerry Hansen"
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
During a game, the Eastern baseball team sits along the cinder block, dugout wall.
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
An Eastern baseball pitcher and player during a game. In the background, Quinn Coliseum is visible.
"April 1978 - Mountie Baseball"
Eastern baseball team outfielders.
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