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"Bomb bursts at some small Dutch New Guinea coastal Barrio"
"Scene in a tiny barrio on one of the many small islands off Mindoro - Went for a ride in a search & rescue Higgins boat"
"A street of native homes on one of the small islands off Mindoro - Among palm trees"
"A fruit peddler through our camp at Binmaley. Marciana Arunda lived in Barrio Linoc. Always wore black - in mourning for her husband who she inferred was killed by Japanese"
"Fruit seller and special friend Marciana Arunda with her cigar box cash box"
"Fred Hill and a special friend Marciana Arunda - a fruit seller who came regularly through our camp. She invited Fred to go with her to her home, meet her family, and share a meal" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Fruit Vendors. In his second letter from…
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