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"No. 12 Women's Club Building, La Grande, Ore." [Later used as Honan Hall as shown in 2010.2.811 and then by the Baptist Church until it was torn down - Was behind a church on 5th Street.]
"La Grande 1st Baptist Church and Ritter Studio" "2038. Baptist Church, La Grande, Ore."
"Early Baptist Church before any trees were planted - ie: a big Pine on left From Bernal Hug's 'History of Elgin, Oregon' book [page 144] picture no. 99 - The old Baptist building which is now a Methodist Church. Eventually the building was turned…
"La Grande Churches - Old First Baptist Church - 6th & Spring -1930's"
"La Grande 1st Bapt[ist] Church - June 1911"
"La Grande Churches - First Baptist Church - 6th & Spring - 1930's"
"2. Honan Hall, La Grande, Oregon - later used by Baptist Church until torn down. Was behind the church on 5th St." [First used as a Women's Club building as shown in 2010.2.184]
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