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"7 of the raft polers - on the raft that took us across - note they are all bare footed - The river between Binmaley and Vigan - below the destroyed bridge"

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"A pedestrian raft - no empty 55 gal drums and only 4 polers. At the river crossing between Binmaley and Vigan - Luzon"

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"Good shot of an Army 6 x 6 truck being poled across the river by 8 men - between Vigan and Binmaley"

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"Poled raft ferry across Alba River - Northern Luzon"

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"Raft - ferry across Alba River - Luzon"

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"Alba River Raft"

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"Raft polers crossing Alba River"

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"Filipinos building at Binmaley"

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"Walt Peters at a table"

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"Local New Guinea native carving a bamboo comb - Copy from a color slide" From "Darkroom Soldier": "Carving a Comb. Using a western-style scout knife, an older Papuan man crafts a bamboo comb. During the war, such items were popular for both tradeā€¦

Position: 2342 (3 views)

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