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"Outdoor Program" Wearing a backpack and a corded rope, a young man sits on a rock at an elevation he would have had to climb and hike to get to.
"1988" Two young men stop to talk outdoors at one of the brick, planting beds.
"1989" Wearing a t-shirt with "TVCC" on it, a young man sits on the white sculpture outside of Zabel Hall.
A group of Ackerman Elementary school children board yellow school bus, #113 near Badgley Hall.
"5/1985" A young man walks on a central campus sidewalk, and behind him, a young woman works at one of the stone picnic tables.
"9/1984 - Students" An image of an unidentified young man carrying a backpack and posing in front of the display cases near the bookstore in Hoke Hall.
"4/1985 - Campus candids" Suz End hams for the camera a bit while sitting in an open work area. There is a computer and a little boy in the background.
"4/1985 - Campus candids" Three images of a student working on an assignment.
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