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"La Grande, Oregon street scene - circa 1905. Looking west from intersection of Adams Ave. and Elm St." There is a bank directly on the right, and further down on that same side of the street, the cone over the front of the Foley Hotel is visible.
"Fourth of July Celebration - La Grande, Oregon. A group of people pose in front of Ralston Furniture and Undertakers. The entrance for Williams Bros. Law Offices, which were on the second floor, is to the right." Identified in photograph: "1. Fan…
"Arthur, Sam, and Mark Brooks, dressed in uniforms and posing for a studio portrait with a large dog - about 1890. The boys were from England and were brought to America by their uncle, J.H. Smith of Portland, (Mt. Taber area) Oregon."
"City Brewery on Jefferson Avenue. Sign reads: 'Beer 5[cents].'"
"La Grande, Oregon - Adams Avenue, looking west from Depot Street - 4th of July, 1900" The Foley Hotel, which has a sign on it reading, "Foley House," is visible in the background.
"La Grande (Union County) - September 22-23, 1902. A balloon ascension, in connection with the County Fair in 1902 brought out the people from miles around the Grande Ronde Valley and from Wallowa County as well. Here, exhibit booths are set up on…
"La Grande, 1886 - Washington Avenue, looking west from intersection with Depot Street. Blue Mountain Hotel on left - Mr. Pierce Mahaffey, hotel proprietor, is in carriage nearest it. Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Ladd and son Ralph in second carriage. W.J.…
"La Grande, looking northeast from 3rd Street and Penn Avenue - residential area - circa 1890 - Image is left hand side of a two-photograph panorama." [See 2010.15.00096 for right side.]
"La Grande, looking northeast from 3rd Street and Penn Avenue - residential area - circa 1890 - Image is right hand side of a two-photograph panorama." [See 2010.15.00095 for left side.]
"Parade - Adams Avenue (looking west) in La Grande, Oregon - July 4, 1913-1914" Crowds gather on the sides of the street to watch the procession of floats as they pass the "Temperance" statue, Cast Iron Mary.
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