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"10/1986" Five images of the La Grande High School marching band heading down Adams Avenue in the Octoberfest Parade.

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"10/1986" An image of an unidentified young man riding a horse that is decorated with flower leis in the Octoberfest Parade. He is holding up a sign which reads: "EOSC."

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"10/1986" Eighteen images taken during the Octoberfest Parade on Adams Avenue. 86345 .005 - Hawaiin Connection. 86349 .005-.008 - Hunt Hall. .009-.014 - Koinona Student Club.

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"7/1986" Four images of Pierce Library taken from across the cul-de-sac at the end of "K" Avenue.

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"7/1986" Four images of groundskeepers working on campus in the median of "K" Avenue. .007-.008 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Inlow Hall (background). .009-.010 - [Appears to be:] Phil Yost (left). Background: Badgley Hall (left), Inlow Hall…

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"10/1985" Twelve images of the improvements being made to K Avenue on campus. Planting beds are being created down the side of the street and along the center to form a median. A turning circle has been constructed at the inner end of the street. The…

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"10/1985" Five images of Adams Avenue in La Grande, Oregon with the October Folk Festival and Homecoming banner hanging above the street. The old Safeway grocery store is just visible at the end of Adams.

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"10/1985 - Octoberfest Parade" Seven images of the McLoughlin Union High School marching band with the drill team, baton twirlers, and banner carriers out in front, walking in the parade.

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"10/1985 - Octoberfest Parade" An image of the young people riding on the Dorion Hall parade float.

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"10/1985 - Octoberfest Parade" Four images of the Hunt Hall parade float, an old fire truck filled to capacity with dorm residents. Posters on the truck declare, "Boxer Buster," and "Biff the Boxers" in reference to the upcoming homecoming football…

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