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"Joint meeting of Oregon and Washington State veterinary medical association - Tacoma, Wash."
"Ads from Stock Show Programs - 1913 Union County Fair Associat'n Verna's programs before donated to County Museum"
"1912 - Albany - O.R.M. Association"
"1912 - Albany - O.R.M. Association"
"1912 - Albany - O.R.M. Association"
"1912 - Albany - O.R.M. Association"
"Herman E. Plass, instructor in education and supervisor of teaching, has his bachelor of science and his master of science from EOC. He is a member of NEA, OEA, and ACE. He is president of the EOC Alumni Association this year." [Photo appears in theā€¦
"Left: Harvey DeMoss - Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada - First Student Body President at E.O.N. (1930). Right - Eugene W. Bowman - Ashland, Oregon - Professor at S.O.C. - First Alumni Association President for E.O.N."
"1949 WAA [Women's Athletic Association] Candyland" A flatbed truck has been decorated with a candyland house and candycane stripes. A young woman rides on the back of the truck while holding a giant candycane.
"1950 Sadie Hawkins dance. Sponsored by WAA (Women's Athletic Association). Set in 'Dogpatch' style. Bob Saling, Mountaineer basketball player, and his date, Doris Ingle"
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