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"1976 winter/spring - Ethel Trygg, Asst. Professor of Anthropology"
"Jim Weems, Associate Professor of Psychology (1968-79)"
"1976 - Robert [Bob] Johnson, Asst. Professor Business (1975-78)" This is a small, informal portrait of Robert Johnson wearing a medium colored blazer, light colored casual dress shirt, and black necktie.
"Georgia Osterholme [Smith], Associate Professor of Health (1958-77)" This is a portrait of Georgia Osterholme wearing a sweater, chain necklace, and eyeglasses.
"December 1977 - Don House, Assistant Professor Business (1975-78)" This is an informal portrait of Don House wearing a light colored dress shirt, and a dark striped necktie. He also has a mustache. There are shelves of books behind his head.
"1976 - Joan Henderson, Asst. Professor (1975-76)"
[This picture was cropped from a larger picture that included Paul Couey. It was taken at an administration meeting with nearly a dozen attendees.]
"September 1978 - New Faculty - Dr. Juhn-Hasiong Uong, Asst. Professor of Math (1978-?)"
"March 1979 - James (Jim) Simmons, Associate Professor, Library - 1965-79"
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