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"1989" Two men talk casually following the Ars Poetica with guest, William Stafford.
"1989" Three women enjoy refreshments and socializing after the Ars Poetica with guest, William Stafford. The woman in the middle is Pat McNamer [or McNamee].
"1990" A visiting writer reads from some of his work at an Ars Poetica in Pierce Library.
"1989 - William Stafford" Ars Poetica guest author, William Stafford speaks with a woman who appears to be Dixie Lund.
"October 9, 1965 - Robert Creeley, Poet. Appeared at R's Poetica [or Ars Poetica, or Retrospective Poetica]. Visiting Speaker"
"February 10, 1975 - John Haines [or Haynes] Ars Poetica visitor"
"March 12, 1976 - Chad Walsh, Professor of English and Writer in Residence, Beloit College, Visitor"
"January 28, 1974 - Diane Wakoski, Poetry Reading, 8:00p.m. Hoke Dining Hall, Visitor" This is an informal portrait taken outdoors of EOSC visiting guest, Diane Wakoski. She is wearing round framed eyeglasses.
"Retrospective Poetica #1 R's Poetica #26 [Ars Poetica] - Terrence Moser [pictured], University of Montana
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