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"May 1982 - American Society of Forestry" Seven images: Six of people looking at various forestry displays and interactive exhibits, including a forest fire simulator, and one picture taken at lunchtime.
"May 1982 - American Society of Forestry Meeting" - five images .004-.005 - Rodney Briggs (speaking at podium). .010-.011 - Rodney Briggs (speaking at podium).
"March 5, 1976 - '1776' ARBA [American Revolution Bicentennial Administration] Presentation"
The dignitaries who will participate in the Bicentennial Flag presentation at EOSC. From left to right they are: Glen McKenzie, Ernest Anderson, EOSC…
"March 30, 1976 - Campus scenes"
A faculty advisor meets with a Native American student in the Indian Drop-in Center.
"3/1976 - Campus scenes"
Native American students meet together in the lounge of the campus Indian Drop-in Center.
"March 5, 1976 - '1776' ARBA [American Revolution Bicentennial Administration] Presentation of Bicentennial Flag to College. [From left to right:] Jean McKenzie, Rodney Briggs, Ernest Anderson, Glen McKenzie." The flag reads, "1776 American…
"July 1988 - Jackie Grant, Native American Program"
"March 30, 1976 - Indian Education" Four young women work at a table together, probably in the Indian Drop-in Center. On the wall in the background next to a chalkboard, are numerous Native American pictures.
"2/1980 - Rod Briggs [right] with Simtustus [left], Indian calendar"
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