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This is a formal portrait of an unidentified Eastern Oregon alumni. She is wearing a dark colored, lace and large button dress, three strands of pearls, and eyeglasses.
"October 5, 1977 - Sally [Wilkinson] Cunliffe, Alumni Director, 1976-78" This is a portrait of Sally Cunliffe wearing a light colored v-neck sweater over a white turtleneck, large framed eyeglasses, and hoop earrings.
"9/15/1981 - Alumni Football Supper" Standing: Bob Warsaw (left), Orval Goddard (right). Seated clockwise around the closest table in the foreground, starting from the bottom: President Rodney Briggs (back to camera), Head Coach Don Turner (in…
"June 2, 1977 - Keith Fleshman, 1977 Distinguished Alumnus - Awards Banquet" Wearing a light colored casual jacket over a plaid shirt, Keith Fleshman stands at a podium and gives his distinguished alumni speech. There are people sitting in the…
"October 1989 - Abel Mendoza, Distinguished Alumnus"
"October 1989 - Abel Mendoza, Distinguished Alumnus" The entrance to Badgley Hall and the Head & Heavens Fountain is visible in the background.
"10/1984 - Caroline Duby Glassman, Distinguished Alumni" From left to right: Caroline Duby Glassman (1st, standing), Harry Hunt (2nd), Rodney Briggs (3rd).
"10/1984 - Caroline Duby Glassman, Distinguished Alumni"
"10/1984 - Alumni" An image of alumni taken during the social function for the Distinguished Alumni.
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